How to Wrap with Furoshiki

How to Wrap with Furoshiki

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What is Furoshiki?

Furoshiki is a square-shaped fabric used for wrapping. This century-old Japanese fabric wrapping tradition is a great way to reduce your holiday waste from all the gift wrapping. Obviously the initial "investment" cost of a piece of fabric can be more expensive than a piece of wrapping paper, but it can be reused many many times, keep it in your bag as a napkin or handkerchief. If you have left over fabric for a project, hem the edge up and start wrapping!

What size fabric can be used as Furoshiki?

One criteria I have learned is that it needs to be square, since many folding style structured from a square piece of fabric. You can create your own folding style too if you have an rectangular of odd shape piece of fabric. Tutorials below show styles from square fabric cut.

Typical furoshiki size, illustrated below (not to scale):

Furoshiki size


Our shop at the local craft fair carries the following sizes and what they can be used for:

  • Small (17/18 in): candles, small books, canned food jars, fruits, soda cans, small boxes
  • Medium (27 in): wine bottle, two small beer bottles, small stuff toy, shoe boxes
  • Large (35 in): make into a small bag, clothes, larger boxes, two small/medium wine bottles
  • Extra Large (41 in): make a carry bag, large boxes, endless options

Here are some of the ways you can use our furoshiki.

 A small book or boxes using small furoshiki (18in)

Wrapping small book and boxes with furoshiki

Large candle using small furoshiki (18in)

Wrapping large candle with small furoshiki

Two beer bottles with medium furoshiki (27in)

Wrapping two bottles with furoshiki

Typical size wine bottle with medium furoshiki (27in)

Wrapping wine bottle with furoshiki

Double knots on shoe box size with medium furoshiki (27in)

Double knots wrapping with furoshiki Double knot wrapping with furoshiki


Video Tutorial


Furoshiki in a snap shot

How to wrap with furoshiki


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