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I love the puffy look of this Bubble Berry Shorts. It has a classic and clean look. Because of the two layers with the inner lining potentially can be seen, it took me a while to find a perfect match.

I chose this red Hello Kitty and circle dot fabrics I got from a Facebook destash group to sew a pair of summer shorts for my LO. To accent, I use pique crochet edge bias tape from our Bee Handmade Boutique shop.

You may be wondering what pique fabric is? The pique fabric used in this bias tape is similar to dobby or textured fabric but it has a corduroy feel on the surface. For this project, with the fabric, lining fabric and hidden seams, there were sections where I had to sew up to all 6 layers of fabric and bias tape together. My lazy bump didn’t want to change the to a larger size needle during sewing, so I had to stop and manually feed the thick layers of fabric in to sew. It may not have been the best choice but its color is popping against the bright red hello kitty fabric. I’m very with how it turns out.

About the pattern, I wish it was easier to follow. In many places it is too wordy to read, and the photos aren’t helping at all. All cut pieces are of the same color blue, so it could be hard to decipher which is which, especially with cuts that look similar. I even bought the adult pattern of these shorts, but it turns out that they use the same instructions. I felt a little bit cheated. 

For the elastic waist band, I didn’t have the 1 inch elastic like the pattern suggested, so I used the 3/8″ that I have 50000 yards and probably will never use it up so I figure I just use it here. This makes the waist band looks a bit funny to me. On top of that, I didn’t like to use the crochet edge binding for the legs because it was so thick, so I decided to use the leftover Michael Miller Magic bias tape I made a while ago for my sister’s baby quilt. Do you think they look a little funky because it is not matching? 

Regardless of all the mishap, it is finished, and it is so adorable!! I made size 6-12 month for my 8-month-old daughter but it is still too big, I thought it would fit since she uses cloth diaper and could use some space in the shorts, but it didn’t fit. I don’t think it is the pattern’s sizing issue, my daughter size is 10 percentile in her age, and she has just grown out of her 3-6 month clothes,  so it’ll probably be a few more months before she can use it.


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